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Understanding the dry offset printing process and the challenges associated with it gives us the means to provide technical support for our products to your pressmen. We focus strictly on the UV, dry offset printing process in the plastic cup, tube and lid market. We are knowledgeable about press adjustments and are aware of the problems caused by gates, flutes, irregular shaped containers and sidewall variations. Our hands on approach makes us a supplier you can count on when you need assistance.

Supplying high quality products at the speed of your business is our focus. You will find it fast and simple to do business with The Image Inks Company. You will have confidence in our products and services. Your expectations are our standards. We are forever improving and advancing the products and services that we supply to the printing industry.

Controlling new technology through our manufacturing capabilities allows us to remain on the leading edge of the plastic printing industry's methods.

Image Inks will meet your delivery needs. Inventory management controls and extensively researched distribution methods allow us to meet your delivery deadlines.

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UV Inks

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Roller Recovery

  • Tim Fleming
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  • Zach Grider
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